Newcastle libraries publish usage data per month and library, including loans, visits, enquiries, and PC utilisation.


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Loans are library items being borrowed or renewed. You can explore differences between the number of items being borrowed over the years, but also the pattern over a year, and between different libraries.

Loans by year.

Loans by month.

Loans by library.


Visits are people enteringĀ a library. This shows a similar pattern of usage to loans, though with less variation between months.

Visits by year.

Visits by month.

Visits by library.


Enquiries are questions asked by the public.

Enquiries by year.

Enquiries by month.

Enquiries by library.

PC utilisation

PC utilisation is percentage of available time computers were booked. This shows a more uniform pattern of usage between libraries as the measure is relative to how many computer hours are available.

PC utilisation (%) by year.

PC utilisation (%) by month.

PC utilisation (%) by library.

Usage by type over time

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